1. Test M2 Blog post

    Test M2 Blog post

    Test Content

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  3. Juul vs. Vuse Alto

    Juul vs. Vuse Alto

    Vaappee Pods

    Despite talk of a ban on vape pods, prefilled pod systems like Juul remain on of the hottest products in vaping today. Not surprisingly, Vuse Vapor, a subsidiary of R.J. Reynolds, wants a piece of the action and has entered the fight. Their Vuse Alto is designed to go head to head with Juul.

    To understand what the fuss about Juul is all about, it is important to realize their role in the creation of the prefilled, or closed, vape pod market. The biggest story there is their use of nicotine salts. We examine this turning point in the history of vaping in our feature: The

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  4. Senator McConnell Wants to Ban Under 21 Smoking and Vaping

    Senator McConnell Wants to Ban Under 21 Smoking and Vaping

    Tobacco 21

    As reported by Politico, Senator McConnell (R-KY) considers raising the purchase age of tobacco and e-cigarettes to 21 to be his top legislative priority.

    Tobacco age restrictions are far from unprecedented. According to the American Journal of Public Health, a century ago, all but 2 states had a minimum age of legal access for tobacco (MLA) and 14 states had set the number at age 21. In case there is any question, McConnell’s primary concern is cigarettes but what has been framed as a teen vaping epidemic.

    Why Age 21?

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  5. The Strictest National E-Cig Law Yet Would Benefit Juul-Altria

    The Strictest National E-Cig Law Yet Would Benefit Juul-Altria

    Another day, another strict e-cig law that will punish marginalized groups and destroy small businesses. This one is a bit different. The Reversing Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act 2019 is the most punitive anti-vaping bill yet. It is a catch-all that includes the all of the industry killing regulations and laws that have been proposed in previous bills, such as the Safe Kids Act.

    Sponsored by Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Donna Shalala (D-FL), it would ban virtually all cigarette and ejuice flavors. It would outlaw e-cig marketing, raise the purchase age to 21 and ban online sales.

    Unlike the US

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  6. Best Mango Vape Juice

    Best Mango Vape Juice

    Mango is one of the most prominent and popular e-Juice flavors. A well-executed mango captures the fruity sweetness and the mouthwatering balancing notes of tart and sour.

    Earlier this year, we examined the best Juul Mango alternatives. Today we are taking a look at the crowded Mango e-juice field. Some are blended, some are straight mango, but all of them merit a closer look.

    Whether you prefer salt nic ejuice or freebase, there is a perfect mango flavor out there for you. If you aren’t familiar with the difference salt nic and freebase nicotine, or just want to take a deep dive into the juices you vape, check out our special feature What Is Salt Nic?

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  7. Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping

    The teen vaping epidemic poses a threat to the health of minors through the dangers of nicotine addiction. As a vaper, I am quite attuned to the signs of vaping and completely opposed to underage vaping. This article will give you every tool you need to figure out if your child is vaping without intrusive testing.

    Spotting the Signs of Teen Vaping

    Vaping is not always easy to detect, but there are certain devices, gadgets and physiological signs which warrant further observation. The best case scenario is that you will have no reason to deploy this new found knowledge.

    Kids and Juul

    It is impossible to discuss teen vaping and not discuss

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  8. Senators Accuse Juul of Marketing to Minors

    Senators Accuse Juul of Marketing to Minors

    Senate Investigates Juul

    The ability of US Senators to understand the basics of 21st century marketing will be put to the test. On Monday April 8, eleven Democratic senators opened an investigation into vaping giant Juul. Not surprisingly, Dick Durbin of Illinois is at the forefront.

    While the FDA considers banning nic salt fueled, prefilled vape pod systems, this group of Senators is looking for evidence that Juul intentionally tried to get children hooked on their product.

    The Senator’s letter to Juul CEO Kevin Burns is a request for information on Juul’s past, present and future marketing strategies. They also seek information on the company's relationship with "Big Tobacco".

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  9. Pop Clouds The Salt

    Pop Clouds The Salt

    Pop Clouds E-Juice

    Los Angeles sometimes seems to be the epicenter of the ejuice universe. Or perhaps epicenter is the wrong word to use in South California.

    Pop Clouds is looking to continue the Los Angeles tradition of ejuice innovation with their adventurous line of pop rock inspired flavors. Sold under the banner Pop Clouds The Salt, the name and the tastes they evoke are a mouthful. You will rock out with the fruit tartness of classic popping candies, and a wide array of distinct flavor profiles.

    If you like fresh, sweet flavors with a stimulating mouthfeel these are a perfect nic salt ejuices for you. Available in 3.5 and 5 percent nicotine strengths, the quality and variety of flavors available is exhibit A for switching from a prefilled to a refillable pod system.

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  10. What Is Salt Nic?

    What Is Salt Nic?

    Departed FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb hit the interview circuit hard in the last weeks of his tenure, and he has made it abundantly clear that the FDA may ban pod systems like Juul. If this ends up being the case, it would be nice if the FDA acknowledged that sweet flavors are not driving the teen vaping epidemic.

    Juul will do everything in their power to parry this regulatory assault. With Marlboro maker Altria buying 35 percent of Juul, the ecig giant will have plenty of expertise and capital at their disposal. Altria supports a flavor ban, which would take the attention off of Juul. Another obvious scape goat are

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